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Offline Hydraulic Filtration 

Today’s hydraulic filter systems have seen a shift from reactionary to preventative, and even predictive maintenance. 

Clean hydraulic fluid is the ultimate lifeblood of a hydraulic system. Contamination can reduce efficiency and possibly destroy machinery. That’s why many companies invest in offline filtration systems, commonly referred to as filter carts or kidney loop systems, for the external filtration of hydraulic fluids. Although traditionally used only when filtration was required occasionally—or before introducing new fluids into a system— they are now becoming a crucial part of reliability programs.

Their function is simple: they clean fluid and prevent contamination.


Offline filtration supplements online filters, such as return line and pressure line filters, in conditioning and cleaning a reservoir. However, filtration does not always work the way it is supposed to. If inadequately sized or left off completely, filtration can quickly fail, allowing dirt particulates and water into the system. If there isn’t room for online filters as an aftermarket add-on then offline filtration is needed to ensure target cleanliness.

AT TBH, we have the mobile equipment to offer convenient off-line hydraulic filtration, flushing and fluid transfer, to achieve and maintain proper ISO cleanliness levels.  We can sell you the equipment or we can provide the service to you 'on-site'.


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